Ekbatan City – A New Urban Design

A mega-complex for a new city on the outskirts of Tehran, Iran’s  capital city.  A coalition of Iranian, Korian and American architects, engineers and contractors collaborated on a luxury housing condominium complex, the largest such project in the region since 1976. The project included 16,000 units of one to three bedroom units,  shopping center, elementary school, library,  recreational center, and a religious center and many other city amenities.

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Project Location: Tehran, Iran

Total area: 50+ acre

DSH Role: The founder of DSH was PA for 7,000 units of the complex.

Project Goal
To create a new city, the most modern city in the region, based on a Western approaches to urban planning, residential condominium design and construction technology. Flying forms, slip forms and prefabricated panels were employed to meet the project’s aggressive-construction schedule.