Kalapana Kapoho Beach Road

A 4,600 -square-foot, high-end residential project set back from the beautiful Hawaiian coast. This conceptual design for a modern home has the two main levels of living elevated over columns, taking advantage of the views and sunlight.

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210 Brookline Street

A 3,500 sf, split ranch house and a miss match in a well-developed neighborhood with large homes. Owners wanted the ranch converted to a grand and contemporary house.

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248 Grove Street

A 12,000 sf, high-end residential project on a six-acre, level lot with views of the open grounds and hilly landscape of surrounding towns such as Wellesley and Dover. A great example of collaboration between owner and architect in making a “dream” come true.

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13-Dudley Rd

508 Dudley Road

The owners of this split ranch-house, which had been expanded and renovated twice in the past, described it as uncomfortable and dysfunctional throughout.

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Boston Housing Authority

A housing project of the Boston Housing Authority consisting of a cluster of multi-level, high-rise apartment buildings in need of upgrades in the common areas (community room,  entrances, main lobbies, elevators, common hallways) and overall signage throughout the development.

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Ekbatan City – A New Urban Design

A mega-complex for a new city on the outskirts of Tehran, Iran’s  capital city.  A coalition of Iranian, Korian and American architects, engineers and contractors collaborated on a luxury housing condominium complex, the largest such project in the region since 1976. The project included 16,000 units of one to three bedroom units,  shopping center, elementary school, library,  recreational center, and a religious center and many other city amenities.

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